In my paintings, I evoke signs from the outcome of current cultural and social topics through different image systems such as art history, fashion, design, and popular culture.  Playing with the notions and authority of representational figure painting, I deconstruct old ideas of secure identity. I offer possibilities between self and the constructed image as I attempt to clarify my present-day hopes, fears and insecurities about gender, feminist ideals and socioeconomic progress.  Mine or events from others, are often the muse behind the work which involve a type of historical biography.  By referencing individual moments and an autoethnographical process, I create works rooted in the need for empathy and a contemporary desire for connection and feeling.

Using multi-layered painting applications and approaches, I deconstruct the technical and social fabric, trying to elicit a different conversation; a personal conversation.  Created through the figures presented, with the deconstruction of fixed painting techniques,  I emphasize conflicts between conscious and subconscious thought. I stress ideas of vulnerability, false glamorization, and the anxiety of reconsidering the notions of idealism or trend.  To influence a new form of representation, I consider new realities and possibilities of being understood as not pretty or ugly, not female or male, not rich or poor, but human.