Go sideways. Be weird. I choose “bad” painting inspired by the bold & intuitive nonconformist artists of the 1970s. I am a teenager at heart as is reflected in my portfolio’s impulsive, uncontrolled, & rebellious qualities.

I make many series, because I am not distracted but full—full of audacious thoughts reimagined within canvas frames. I am Tanya Harding or Monica Lewinski. I did blow him. I am a Detroit-born artist who has a difficult time following the rules or any instructions, who questions things along with the superstitions & conspiracies that indulge us. The mess of the everyday is my continuous muse.


My work has a deep relationship with color & medium. I try to take something “normal” & paint it odd, pushing boundaries with brushstrokes. My color choices are selective, as color has a keen relationship with psychology. Like color, Line quality, thickness—blobs & strokes—washes, drips, & the language of paint brings a sensuality to my expression. A drip, for example, is like blood or rain; it carries a real physicality. A smudge contributes to tactile feeling. These palpable & sensual titbits establish each painting as its own entity with a sense of being & belonging.

Much of my work centers itself on complex subject layers, including fatness, rescue dogs, cats, goldfish, protectors, rule breakers, angels, monsters, pizza, hands, and more. Hands serve as symbols for the psychological challenges we face from the people we love—the push & pull of relationships. A subject doesn’t stand alone, but is surrounded by these nuances, because there is always so much going on both inside & outside of us. My work represents the person with smudged mascara, unpolished nails, & carries a bottle of Xanax, always.

I started going to oil painting classes in the back room of Pooky Paints in St. Clair Shores MI at the spunky age of seven, because my mother needed to find a way to get rid of me for a while. I have been examining the act of painting ever since. I have exhibits nationally and internationally.  I am currently a board member of Public Pool (Hamtramck, MI), a not-for-profit run by a small group of individuals interested in representing the underrepresented, having new conversations, & giving people an artist space/platform to have a voice. We consider ourselves the dive-bar of galleries, a place where people can gather openly for discourse over any creative thoughts & expressions. I was a board member for Art on the Move (Detroit, MI), a juror for Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, & a curator for the Fine Arts Gallery (Detroit, MI).  I participated in the New York Studio Program & played a part in an artist space, Lookout Urban Space (NY).  Currently, I have a studio in MI & a new triannual studio in Brooklyn, NY.