MEDIUM: Oil on canvas. 

THREE CHILD ANGELS / 2021 / 14 x 11

ANGEL &  HER GOLDFISH / 2021 / 14 x 11

ANGEL FANNY / 2021 / 14 x 11

ANGEL PINKY / 2021 / 14 x 11

These are for those mischievous angels. The messengers, guides, & protectors who still like to have their little bits of spite. The ones swooping from the third sphere who we pray to when we need a helping hand.

I’ve misplaced my key—let me call upon an angel. The angel, instead, hangs around to impishly move the lost items, nudging them little by little to a rosy me in my irritation. These frontline angels are given the heroic stuff but are often annoyed by humans. They love us but hold a pity for our pathetic choices. They look down upon us with rolling eyes when we mistreat a friend or divide the world through selfish priorities.