MEDIUM: Oil on canvas. 

MAD MONSTER / 2021 / 60 x 48
MONSTER IN THE PARK / 2021 / 14 x 11
MONSTERS / 2021 / 14 x 11
RED MONSTER / 2021 / 60 x 48
HORNY MONSTER / 2021 / 60 x 48
They lurk at the Stonehenge. They crawl at the great serpent mound of Ohio. Sightings of these long-legged beasts are rare. If one keeps a keen eye visiting these ancient spaces, they may hear a monster shuffling among the stones.

There shadows shift in between the enduring arches or echo from underneath the mound, seeking to be sighted or unearthed by a daring passerby. The monsters’ intents are a mystery as they may fill our human minds with nightmares and anxieties. I wanted to paint the mythical creatures we all have lurking underneath the surface, which allows us to discover the cracks & crevices of ourselves through tumultuous expeditions often involving monstrous encounters. Their blob-ular noggins stand upon lively legs which extend with such thoroughness into the foreground & background. Their textured hairs bristle across gradient spaces of swathed colors, for they traverse the Earth as an embodiment of its playful & fearful uncertainties.