MEDIUM: Oil on canvas.

PIZZA 1 / 2021 / 16 x 12

PIZZA II / 2020 / 8 x 8

PIZZA III / 2020 / 16 x 12

PIZZA IV / 2021 / 60 x 48

PIZZA V / 2021 / 16 x 12

PIZZA VII / 2020 / 5 x 5
I didn’t even know if I wanted to write this, because we all have been berated by talk of the pandemic. However, I started painting pizzas due to the swift demise of parties over the last year. Pizza is a party staple; everyone loves it, & it brings immense joy.  

Once its placed on the table, party guests’ hands fly, eager to grab their specified slice, whether it’s the crunchy corners, a cheesy hunk, the one with the big-bubble crust, or the super gooey middle. There is a selfishness to this sharing. Detroit, Chicago, New York—whatever style a pizza takes—it’s intriguing how each region has its own, & how pizza symbolizes communication itself. A party-goer turns from cheery sharer to pissed stomach-growler when someone steals the last slice. Pizza parties bring us together just as my paintings wrangle form, colorful toppings, & motion into space.